Elegant? I hope so…

Perhaps somewhat crazy, but this clock does attract admiration and I am certainly fond of it. The tube fits atop a slender silver pole about 4’6″ or 1.4 metres high that is actually narrower than the tube itself. The base is supported on a trumpet-like foot. Halfway up the stem are two adjustment switches.

All the electronics are housed in the base of the clock. At first I had problems with the clock dropping spontaneously into editing mode, as if a switch had been pressed. I had too high a value resistor on the pullups to the switches. I changed these resistors and the clock has been well behaved ever since.

The jukebox pictured is my Wurlitzer 2300S of 1959. It has been in the family for quite a number of years now, perhaps about 18. It has provided many hours of fun and entertainment.

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