A single tube clock using a vintage Russian IN-16 nixie tube

This small clock was inspired by some rather good glass balls I saw for sale one Winter at Ikea. They are tinted brown glass rather than dipped in a glaze, so the globe is very clear and even. I made a suitable base in steampunk style and sprayed it metallic bronze to match the glass.

For this clock I also revised my PIC code and included some rather nice fade modes. Mode 1 scrolls up to the digit very rapidly. It always does a count of ten and appears to be searching for the right number to display. Another mode fades the first digit in and then crossfades between the next two digits and fades out on the last one. Other modes fade in and out on each digit, fade up to full brightness and fade down from full brightness. Yet another mode selects one of the other modes each minute.

In addition, the two colons in the tube tick-tock like a little pendulum.

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