Retro-style nixie clock using the dial face from an old meter

Somehow over the years I have collected a number of old meter mechanisms which are not much use to me but I haven’t the heart to throw them out. Some are quite cute pieces of design in their own right, with art deco touches.

Using the meter face as a window into my clock seemed a fun idea, so I mounted the nixies on little pedestals at the correct height and made what I thought was a pleasing shape for the case itself, which I primed and sprayed to a utilitarian retro beige gloss finish. The interior is sprayed black.

Showing the time on two tubes. The clock flashes first the hours, then the minutes. The tube then goes blank and the cycle repeats.

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  1. Kevin Andrews

    I’m looking for information to build a 2 tube nixie clock. I’m new to electronics and can find all sorts of kits for 1, 4 and 6 tube clocks but not 2. I would settle for a pcb and instructions. Can you help me out?

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