Fishtail Neon is owned by neon enthusiast Andy Doig in Brighton, on the UK’s south coast. I met Andy at Jukebox Madness, a jukebox show, where he had set up a small stall. It so happened that I also met someone else at the show who owed me a sensible amount of money and thus I was uncharacteristically flush with cash that day. But not for long, as I decided there and then to commission Andy to make me a neon sign for my kitchen and the money in my pocket was laid down as a deposit.

Andy Doig in his Brighton workshop

My wife Jean has often complained that the family treat her kitchen like a café, and so once home again I started to design a sign saying Jean’s Café to go above the jukebox in the kitchen. I sent the sketch to Andy and he made the sign.

Andy holding up my Jean’s café sign.

The workshop is small, but a wonderful Aladdin’s cave of neon.

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